Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog Post 14- Reflection

Final Project

project #13 - collaboration

When I discovered that we had to plan out the details of this project based on technology alone, I was initially concerned. This exercise just showed me once again that technology can have a huge impact in the classroom. Previously, I preferred to meet in person to do group assignments; however, I do not feel the need to do that anymore. This class has changed my perspective on technology, and this assignment was another tool that help to aid in this concept.
Our group attempted to use Skype to discuss the project; however, due to some difficulties we decided to use Google hangout. Google hangout was very helpful! I would definitely recommend future EDM 310 students to use this. I stayed in the same group I was placed in at the beginning of the semester. My partners and I discussed work for EDM 310 even when it did not involve group work. Therefore, we communicated on a regular basis with cellular devices or with G mail. I realized that because of technology, we do not have to meet in person. I actually enjoyed handling business in the comfort of my dorm room better than meeting in person.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


My PLN has grown tremendously since the progress report. I have been following more people on twitter and sending thank you tweets. I have also gotten a better understanding of twitter and how to search on there too. When I initially started using it, that was something I struggled with. However, I know I still have a long way to go to completely understand everything about it. My PLN often has me intrigued and learning about various topics for hours. I tend to get distracted with an assignment and continue to search for more. Youtube was a must on my PLN beacuse of this. I love how my PlN is organized. It allows me to feel relief when all my thoughts are running together. When I started my PLN, I informed readers that I was using symbaloo. I am still using it! I have begun to use Symbaloo as my aggregator. It has already saved me time because I don't have to search in my history or bookmarks. Overall, I think the PLN is a great idea for everyone to have. I wish I had started one before now, but I am just pleased that I can save my time and be more organized in the future.

c4t summary

I commented on Principal Vincentson's blog again because of some issues with the c4t set up. The first comment I left was pertaining to a post she made on incorporating arts into the school. I explained to her the impact that taking classes in the arts department had on my life. I think that it enhances the creativity of students and also gives them a break from their core subjects.
The final post I commented on was in relation to audio books. She gave an example of a student who was saddened because he could not keep up with the reading that his peers were all discussing. This tends to cause self-esteem issues. However, this principal contacted a relative and got information on how to access audibooks. She posted their prices and important information about each company that offers them. Principal Vincentson is inspiring, and I hope to one day work for someone as innovative and caring as her.

Project #15

Blog post #13

I attempted to do this assignment with all my determination. However, after failing 3 times, I am now here writing this post. Sadly, the biggest reason that I could not complete this assgnment was my horrible memory. I am so used to the luxury of picking up my phone to make a quick tweet or posting a image I just took to Instagram that I would do it and forget about my device being banned.
Also, I kept considering that this was just a bad time to do the challenge because my sorority has had several important events take place this week. All these events are advertised on Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, I would use technology for that. However, I have come to the conclusion that every day would be a bad day to do this because my sorority always has activites to promote or pictures to be posted on our website.
Another aspect that helped me to fail this task was the fact that I was waiting on a grade to be posted from my last speech. This grade will help reassure that I will maintain my A in the class. Therefore,I anxiously checked USA online to see if my grade was posted. To my dismay, it was not posted and I had failed another attempt.
As you can see, I struggled with this assignment. Technology is exciting and what everyone is interested in now, especially for the younger generation. Therefore, to make students leave technology behind everyday is like asking them to be bored. Technology is intriguing and gets students attention because they don't realize they are working. The only thing they notice is the fact that they are having fun.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.

1. Do schools in the United States systematically destroy (or inhibit) the development of curiosity and/or creativity in students? If yes, why does that happen? If no, how do you counter the argument of Sir Ken Robinson that schools do undermine the development of creativity in students?
Yes. I feel that from an early age children are brainwashed into thinking their is only one right way to do something and everything else that is different is automatically wrong. I do not know why this happens because as children grow into adolescents, they are asked to show creativity. However, at this point, many students are scared to or do not know how to because of their previous childhood experience with it.

2. Can a curriculum be developed that increases the curiosity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum?
Yes. The key components would be to focus on things that grab the students attention. Reading books in class that are popular now. Then watching the movie that has been made after the book. For example, the Twilight saga is something that would tie many students in. It is something they hear about on Twitter and Facebook. It's something they like. Another component would be variety. No one wants to do the same boring task everyday.

3. Can a curriculum be developed that increases the creativity of students? If so, what would be the key components of such a curriculum?
I think the key component for this curriculum would have to be giving students freedom. An educator has to let students express themselves. Another important component would be time. Creativity is something that can not be rushed. I feel that it would take a lot of time to be able to express a creative side again after being forced to turn away from it.

4. Can a teacher's actions increase the curiosity of students? If so, what would be those actions?
Yes. Teachers can get excited about their lessons. The monotone blank expression that some teachers give is not too encouraging. It makes it seem like the teacher would rather be somewhere else. Also, asking for the students opinions on a couple assignments could increase their creativity. I think games that stimulate thinking to solve an issue are also good ways to increase creativity within students.

5. What would help you become more creative? What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process?
I feel that using your personal learning network is the key to this issue. Looking at what other teachers or schools do can help get you on the right start. Through seeing their use of creativity, it can help stimulate ideas in your head. Also, many people in my PLN give helpful suggestions.

6. What would help you become more curious? What role would teachers and/or schools have in that process?
The school has to play a role of being accepting in this case. They cannot stick to this rigid notion that everything new or different is bad. When they have given teachers the ability to expand from the typical teaching method of the past 100 years, that sparks curiosity in an educator. They are thinking of the different things they can use in the classroom and how it can pertain to their lessons.

C4K summary

When I was given the opportunity to participate in the blogging change, I was introduced to an to Siabhaon's blog. The first post I commented on was about the music video Love Generation by Bob Sinclair. Siabhaon explained in the post how enjoyable this video is! After introducing myself, I stated that this was my first time seeing the video, and I liked it. I gave examples of why I liked the video such as its use of creativity. I also asked him what his favorite part of the video was after I shared my favorite part.
The next post I commented on by Siabhaon was about several photos he took. He entitled the post Holiday Photos and had several different pictures of flowers. He told the reader where the flowers came from which showed why they are important to the author. The photos taken are very beautiful, and I actually had a discussion with Siabhaon about him becoming a photographer one day. This was my first response from an student blog that I have commented on. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of hearing back from the author. The last post from the blogging challenge was about Harry Potter. Siabhaon gave a description of the series and important facts that everyone should know about the books. I have read and watched many of the books so I was really excited to comment on this post. He actually gave me information about the book that I did not know. He went into detail without giving the entire story away. It was another great post by him!
The final C4k I commented on was by two students in Ms. Cassidy's class. The posts discussed rules, relationships, and responsibilities.In both videos, a student showed a drawing and talked about their personal experience with all three of these things. They both talked about the rule of responsibility of cleaning up after you make a mess and relationships with others. The incorporation of their drawings was an excellent idea!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blog post #12

This blog post allowed us to make a suggestion for future blog posts! I enjoyed debating which idea I would choose. Some of my ideas weren't the best, but I ultimately came up with one that I thought would be successful. Instead of doing the usual response as students, I wanted everyone to step outside the box and do a blog post assignment that makes us feel like educators.

Blog post #12 (for future edm 310 students)
Click on this link. This website has several videos that can be used in the classroom. It also divides them up based on topics and grade levels. Find a video that you can show your future students at the beginning of class. Find a video that you think is compelling and can grab your students' attention. The students will then be given the option to answer the question presented on the website or write about their initial response to the video. All responses should be published on their class blogs. Also, it is important that each student writes a quality blog post like described in the instruction manual. Explain why you picked that particular video and how you can make it relate to your English class that day.

My Blog Post #12
The Clip I chose was from the movie the Hunger Games. I chose this because this is a very popular book that many students have read. I have also read this book, and I thought it was great. I feel that things that students see commonly at home or discuss on social networks are things they are excited to bring into the classroom. This could relate to a English class that is doing writing workshops as well! The motivation that I felt for choosing this clip was to grasp my students attention!

Progress Report on Final Project

My group has several different ideas that we can use for our final project; however, we have not decided on one thing. We are currently focusing on project 15 because we are planning to have this project finished by Tuesday(4/24). We intend to start project 16 the next day with a clear mind. This way we can completely focus on making this project the best it can possibly be! However, we have taken time to watch the video, suggestions, and read the information about this project.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project #14


Blog post #11

Ms.Kathy Cassidy's ideas were very intriguing. I loved hearing about her approach in implementing technology in the classroom. There were several different techniques that she used that I would like to also use in my classroom. I like the way she set up the student's work online. This idea is great for parents and students. The children can easily see the progress they have made since they have been in the class. Also, the parents can see exactly what their children are doing and how it can not only teach them the educational skills they need to grasp, but also the technological aspects as well. Another technique she uses is teaching students how to comment on other's post, or online work. In both videos she mentions how important it is to be mindful of what you say to others online. This lesson is very important! Even as college students, we are reminded every week about commenting or writing quality posts. Internet safety is a tool that should be taught in every classroom. I like the fact that students can still feel like the blog is their own by including their first names; however, their safety is never compromised because of the exclusion of their last names. I have seen this aspect displayed on many class blogs that we have been commenting on this year. I would definitely use this technique for any age group of students. In the Skype interview, Ms. Cassidy explained the importance of students being taught how to search for materials online. I think it is a job that educators must be willing to accept. They must be able to show their students how to use computers to benefit their educational needs. A final technique that I absolutely loved was the new use for centers. I have always enjoyed center time in the classroom. Ms. Cassidy's centers are awesome! One can use the computer or other devices to learn use different visual and audio materials. I would have loved this when I was in elementary school. I think there could be several benefits from using a technique like Ms. Cassidy's. Students could learn how to use technology at an early age. This could help them adapt to it easily as the years progress. Also, it could place them a step ahead of others and cause them to be a technological asset in the future.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blog post #10

Do You Teach or Do You Educate? was a very powerful video. In the video, teaching and educating were being compared. One thing that grabbed my attention in the video was that teaching in one definition of teaching, their is a correlation to punishment. That was disturbing to me because those two concepts should not relate to each other at all. However, there are many students who had to write words in a monotonous fashion when they disrupted class. Also, several children have had to stay inside and listen to the teacher teach instead of go to recess. Therefore, this harsh reality is true. These two concepts are related.
This notion was motivation to me when deciding my major. I wanted to educate. In the video, they use the following words to describe an educator: guide, mentor,and adviser. I want my students to feel this way about me. I intend to do my best to encourage my students and develop a relationship with them so that they can trust me. The main thing I want to do is see my students have faith in themselves and their abilities!

Tom Johnson's Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home!
This post just makes me want to show people the importance of the students and whether or not they are learning. People are so concerned with test scores these days that they have forgotten what their real job is. Instead of looking for ways to reach out to students by teaching them in creative ways, teachers are worried about which class will have the highest test scores. Test scores do not determine everything! There could be a class full of highly intelligent students who are not being taught any information that score exceptionally high on a test. Also, there could be a class filled with students who struggle but are being educated everyday by a great instructor that score in the middle range. The score does not matter because the teacher whose class scored the highest is not learning. If they are not learning, then the system has failed regardless of a standardized test score.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog post #9

What I Learned This Year(2008-09) by Mr. Joe McClung is a summary of the things he has learned through teaching that school year. There were several things in this summary that I felt were important for future educators to understand. One was that one should not focus on their supervisors assessing them. The key focus should always be on whether the students are learning. A quote from his summary stated this, "No lesson is ever perfect. The lesson you teach and the one you plan are always different." I think that is a very important statement! Everything might not go exactly how we have planned; however, as long as the students are learning the teachers should be happy. Also, he states how important communication is at the workplace. I also feel that it is very important with students. He suggested that educators do more to encourage students after they do not do well on assignments. He also says that we should embrace technology and not continue to fear it. The moost important thing he said was that we should never stop learning, and I completely agree with that.
In What I Learned This Year(2010-11) Mr. McClung stated several important things in addition to the things in the previous post. One quote that he used was that, "Our decision making process should always be student centered and not centered around pleasing adults." As educators, that should be the most important thing in one's career. Another great thing he discussed was that change does not excite everyone. There are always people who just want to continue to do the same things even though there is better way to do it. If your passion for motivating your students and seeing them succeed makes you an outsider among other teachers that do not change, embrace that passion.Lastly, it is okay to watch students struggle at first to understand something. Taking control of a students assignment when they are simply asking for help is not helping them. It is doing the assignment for them.

C4K summary

I commented Neusha's class blog post. She wrote a short story about a land with tempting sweets, and people who struggled not to eat them. Her story included a huge wasp, saddened people, and lots of gummy bears! I enjoyed reading it because it was filled with creativity!I introduced myself to her, and told her that I loved the picture she included in her blog. It was actually interesting to see since we also place pictures in our blog posts. She put a picture of the game Candy Land in her blog post. I think it fits perfectly!

C4K #3

I commented on Mr. Brian Crosby's blog for the past two weeks. I introduced myself and told him that I was a student in EDM 310. The first post that I commented on discussed an article that Mr. Crosby was interviewed for. In the article, various people were interviewed about their opinion on teacher evaluations. The key question was whether or not teachers should be sent home based on the grades their students make. Therefore, if a teacher had students that were failing her class, should she or he be fired? In my opinion, I think this is not a good idea. I think that the grades students make is based off what students are sometimes willing to put in to a class. This should not be held against an educator. Teachers can try to motivate students and make learning a great experience; however, until a student decides that they want to learn, there will not be any improvement in their grades.
The second post I commented on was also about evaluations as well. The focus was placed on how these evaluations demoralize teachers. I suggested that maybe there could be a group of people who were previously teachers that go around to evaluate others. This way they can make suggestions and give praise where necessary. These people will understand how difficult teaching is and how hard it is to motivate students. Therefore, it could take this negative assessment and turn it into something positive that can help teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed this C4K assignment.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project #11 Movie

Project #12

My mother read this book to my brother and I when we were younger. It is one of my favorite children's books. I hope you enjoy my trailer for it!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blog Post #8

1.This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
The two videos introduced several things. We aren't restricted anymore.We aren't as dependent on the library; therefore, its hours of operation dont cause us to panic like they might have in the past. Important facts we can't remember are easily accesible on the internet. Things can be found in seconds with a search engine, such as Google. Itunes U has impacted our classrooms in many ways. Lectures have been downloaded from this site, and learning has become more than just opening up a book.

My reaction Dr. Miller's video was great. I feel that he is trying to prepare us for the future with the tremendous changes in technology. The changes are happening quickly, and he even refers to the fact that most teachers have not realized it yet. As a future educator, before enrolling in this class, I had not realized it either. However, I do think that changing our methods of instruction are very important. I also feel that it is most important to reach those who are about to embark into the journey of teaching with ideas like this. We can step into the rapidly changing classroom with ideas like the ones Dr. Miller suggested that incorporate more listening and writing into our curriculum than just reading and writing.

I believe my students will be able to do this because of intrigue alone. These ideas are exciting. They will motivate students to get involved and do more work. Instead of the typical methods of learning that some teachers have been using for the past century, I have recently enrolled in or seen classes that have completely taken a new techological approach in writing. These classes are inspiring! The students are willing to participate, they are eager to show what they are learning to others, and they are happy. Its as if they are not at school. They are learning in a way that is so exciting to them that they look like they dont even realize that they are participating in scolastic activities.

2. Creativity to the Rescue was my favorite video from
Carly's blog post #12 . Her post encompasses every aspect that I would imagine Dr. Strange would put in a project. The videos were compelling, but they were not lengthy. I think that is a very important aspect when showing videos to students. They grab the student's attention and leave them with a mind full of exciting thoughts. I love that the videos were motivating and can inspire students to be themselves and think outside the box. I feel that so many students are being urged to think or write a certain way, and that saddens me because their creativity is slowing dying through this process.
Carly managed to bring in many ideas that related to the previous video I commented on by Dr. Miller. Students are listening and watching these videos and as a result, learning in a new way that will inspire them and last for a lifetime.

3. In the chipper series, the main emphasis was on all the things that were taught by Dr. Strange the first week of school. All the work should be done on time, we should not procrastinate with our work, we should be willing to learn to work hard. When you go out and do work without a teacher telling you exactly what to do and how to do it, it challenges you. Students have to think independently, and this helps them to learn more. The second video is a funny video about the creation of a book for those who struggle in this class. It was clever and well put together. I would like to create a video of two students in this class. One video would show a student who does their best in this class to get their work done ahead of time. The other half of the video could show a student who waits until the last nine hours before the work is due to start doing it.

4. I think that these arguments presented in Learn to Change, Change to Learn are awesome! We should definitely pay attention to te things stated in this video. Children are not going to work in places where an exact answer is the only answer. They will work in places where creativity is needed and where use on technology is demanded. Therefore, we are turning away students when we do not allow them to use technology in the clasroom. Children enjoy technology and technology has several beneficial things that can help our education system. Why are we still sitting in the past and using the same methods when we can do so much more?

5. Scavenger Hunt
I found a social network that could be used by teachers and students called Edmodo. After creating an account, I realized that it is very similar to Facebook. I could use this to keep my students aware of the upcoming assignments and as a way to give out extra credit points if they occassionally check the site. Educators could put additional exercises or activities that could help reinforce the ideas that students have recently learned in class.
I also found a video tool I have never used before called Animoto. It can be an awesome asset to class lectures. It includes pictures and music and can get students excited about what they are learning. There could also be test reviews listed on the site. The students will be learning the same material in the book; however, the preesentation of that material with this video tool would make it seem completely different.

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Project #9b

When I was younger, I was completely amazed by Harriet Tubman! She has always been someone I have admired because of her courage and intelligence. Therefore, this instructional project seemed like a great opportunity for me to show others her importance!


Progress Report on PLN Project #10

Before I was enrolled in this class, I had no idea of what PLN stood for. However, now that I have been in this class for weeks, I realize the importance of knowing and having a Personal Learning Network. Therefore, my PLN took off with a quick start as soon as I began doing assignments in this class. It continues to expand every week. I am always adding more educators blogs or twitter accounts to my resources. Through out the C4T assignments, I have found several teachers that have inspired me; therefore, they have become assets to my PLN. Before this class, the only connection I had with any educators outside of school was Facebook. However, I am only friends with two teachers out of the hundreds of friends I have. My PLN expanded my connections with educators beyond Facebook or class emails. Also, Symbaloo is a great organizational tool to use for PLN's. It has colorful boxes and separates academic and social tools from each other. There are several resources one can use to organize their PLN efficiently. Therefore, one can save time and have everything that they use daily right in front of them.

The Networked Student was a very creative video. I enjoyed watching the drawings piece together the story that Ms. Drexler is educating us on. The video introduces us to a concept called connectivism. This theory shows the benefits of one learning through their connections with others.

This method shows students taking control of their learning process and differentiating what materials can benefit his study. For example, he can actually find lectures from professors at prestigous colleges that help his understanding of a subject. The student can learn skills that can help them as an adult. They might not be learning things from a textbook, but the things they are learning could be more beneficial to them.

A question was presented towards the end of the video about whether there was a need for educators with this theory. I think there is a demand for educators in this because students will need guidance. Many students will not understand what scholarly writings are and what propaganda is either. Students will have many questions and concerns as they embark on this new journey of education. Therefore, I think the demand for a teacher is higher than ever!

A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment was a very professional depiction of what a PLE is. The explanation of this student's PLE helped me in creating more things to incorporate in my PLN. I think this is outstanding work for a student this age. She clearly has a strong background in technology and has organized her PLE in a very precise way to accomodate her needs. This video was very impressive.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

C4T summary

I commented on Principal Julie A. Vincentsen's Blog on February 11, 2012. I introduced myself to her and also listed information about EDM 310. The post I commented on was a tribute to the late Martin Luther King, Jr. As the principal of Helen Keller Elementary School, she goes above and beyond her position to promote the unity of the entire school. She sends emails to parents with friendly reminders and inspirational words! In this particular blog post, she stated how grateful we should be by the radical change our society has made in the past 60 years. At the closing of her post, she includes a video with a song by the late Michael Jackson that invites the viewer to realize it only takes one person to make a change.

The second comment I made on this blog was in relation to report cards. Everyone has endured the horrid experience of receiving report cards and impatiently waiting for a guardian's response to it. It is antagonizing! However, all a student is hoping for is that smile of approval, of happiness from a parent. In this post, Principal Vincentsen relays the importance of this and gives an example of how parents can do this in a way to benefit the student. She places emphasis on the fact that we need to start encouraging students more. I completely agree because I think it can make a tremendous difference in the attitude they have towards school.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

C4K # 1, 2, 3 Summaries

The first comment I did was on an elementary student in Mrs. Ripp's class. Her name was Sophia, and she discussed weird words. I told her that I felt it was awesome that her teacher allowed them to have class blogs. I was not given this opportunity as a child; therefore, I thought it was a great way to get students involved in the technological advances. I told her how much I loved writing down weird words in a journal when I was younger. I also gave her a list of my favorite weird words.

The second comment I did was on a student in Mrs. Huebner's class. Payge did a virtual interview with Samuel de Champlain. It was amazing to see the way this student put all this together! The video was less than a minute, but gave many interesting facts about this man. She asked several questions about his impact on history, and why he decided to make the choices he made. I also told her that it was great to have a teacher like Mrs. Huebner that allows students to blog.

The final summary I did was on a student in fifth grade from Iowa. Her post was all about chocolate. She discussed the ingredients that make chocolate taste so delicious as well as, the different types of chocolate that she loves. I also love chocolate; therefore, I enjoyed discussing this topic with her. I told her that my favorite drink from Starbucks is a white hot chocolate, and that I learned how to make them at home!

I enjoyed commenting on these posts. These are the things I feel that Randy Pausch thought we should incorporate in the classroom. These students are having fun; however, they are learning how to use technology and grammar skills at the same time. I think this is a great idea to incorporate in the classroom. I commend these students and teachers for their hard work

Blog Post #6

1.Randy Pausch's Last Lecture
Randy Pausch was a very influential person. His "head fakes" were actually something that I feel all teachers should implement in their classrooms. He explained these head fakes as tools to help educate students without them knowing they are learning. Throughout his speech, he kept informing us about keeping positive energy in the classroom and allowing kids students to have fun. I think that is one of the biggest problems in our education system. Students are not enjoying the activities they are doing. Therefore, they are not eager to learn.

He also took many risks that are avoided by many teachers today. He was willing to do something different. He was willing to create a class that was not focused on reading the text and taking tests. This tactic is similar to the one used in EDM 310. The focus is on project-based learning or hands-on activities. These tools help students to learn and to embrace their creativity or uniqueness while doing them.

As he continued to talk in his lecture, I realized that the concepts he discussed were not just about how we could educate students. He was also educating us on how to strive to be good people. He discussed a quote describing the importance of seeking the positive in people. Even though I do not think he was referring to the classroom alone when he stated this, I feel that it is especially important there. As a future educator, I plan to search for the strengths and positive aspects in all of my students. This can help turn the classroom environment into more of a community setting where students feel more comfortable.

His lecture made a huge impact on my life. I know it sounds cliche'; however,it is true. I immediately did research on him after I finished watching the video. I have never seen anyone with such strength and determination in such a trying time. He was truly a remarkable man that I would have loved to meet one day. His lecture just showed me how much impact the internet can have on one's life. His story actually gave me a new perspective on how to view my life and the people involved in it. I think this inspirational video is something that should be viewed every semester.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project #9a

Blog post #5

1.Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
I agree with Dr. McLeod and his comments in his blog. I feel that people cannot just try and avoid technology because of the different negative aspects that are involved with it. The world is a dangerous place; however, one cannot live life avoiding it. I feel that we should just be aware of the dangers and educate students about them. I definitely believe that the positive aspects of technology heavily outweigh the negative aspects. Therefore, I think the post made my Dr. McLeod was awesome!I was surprised to find out that Dr. McLeod had such a strong background in the field of technology. I learned many things about him when I visited this page. It was very interesting to read the post again after having background information on the author. The passion of his words through his sarcasm was viewed as a more serious statement. When reading it the second time, I felt that it was more of a plead to display the senselessness in relation to this topic.

2.ZeitgeistYoungMind's Entry
As a high school student, Travis Allen began to work towards creating a new classroom. His idea includes using an iPod in the classroom instead of what we have been using forever. He listed several ways that both the educator and students can better themselves through this new technique. It is awesome to see a student not simply complaining that things do not ever change. He was willing to make a change, and that is inspiring.
His argument that it would help the students and teachers both stay connected really spoke to me. There is comfort in knowing that my teacher has a handheld device that she can simply reach for to stay connected with students. In high school, I always hated waiting until Monday to get my grades back; however, a teacher could simply post the grades into the system he showed on the video and receive instant feedback!

3.Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
This is the most shocking video that I have seen so far in this course. This video honestly leaves me speechless. I cannot imagine how much time it took to put this together. The fact that one can even do this with technology is astonishing! The benefits of technology are truly endless.
This just further motivates be to refer back to the first link in this blog post. The benefits of technology strongly outweigh the negative aspects. Music can be taught, choirs can form, and strangers can come together as a team. This technological revolution is incredible and we all have to get involved in it. It is a loss to want to stay behind and hold on to our past knowledge without moving forward. Progression is the goal we should be seeking, not only as future educators, but as human beings.

4.Teaching in the 21st Century
In my opinion, I feel that Mr. Roberts views teaching in this century to be more than just handing out facts. He shows that facts are everywhere; therefore, educators should use that to benefit them. One important suggestion he makes is, educating students on how to use these facts. I agree with the position of integrating learning to encompass the ways of the technological advances. I feel that this prezi can help us change what we are bringing into the classroom. We can help the students analytical skills and help them become aware of the many things they can learn through technology.

5.Reading Rockets
I saw a group of resources that helps students with comprehension skills. There was a section that listed the top 12 applications that could be used to help students in this field. Many of the apps had several benefits. For example, some of them had quizzes at the end of each section. Also, others were set up like an actual game instead of like school work. I think that was a great idea because it takes the students mind of the fact that they are learning, and it becomes more enjoyable.
The Reading for Meaning resource enforces allowing children to take control over the books the want to read. They enforce giving children freedom and a supportive approach. Therefore, as future educators, we should be willing to do those same things with our students. Freedom is the key to motivating students to get involved with their schoolwork.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Post #4

1. Listening Comprehension Podcasting
This was a great example of how to get kids involved and motivated about the work in the classroom. It also shows future teachers a new way to help students learn through the use of technology. This tool of technology enhances the learning experience. However, instructor Silvia Tolisano, emphasizes that technology was not the item being taught.

2. 1st Graders Create Their Own Read Along Audio Book
This audio book was a method of creating a new way to get children involved. The instructor went beyond the typical classroom techniques. In my opinion, it was for the better. It helps students to learn things about there speech through their recordings. This could be very helpful in the field of pronunciation or articulation.

3. The Benefits Of Podcasting in the Classroom
This project encourages students to think critically and also enhances their learning experience. the most enjoyable part of this video was seeing teachers work as a team. This video also stated the importance of blogging and podcasting in the classroom studies. A great example for the use of podcasts are with children that are at home due to an illness.

Project #6

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blog post #3

1. Technology has clearly made tremendous changes in the special education classes. While watching Technology in Special Education, I was enlightened about how helpful the implementation of technology could be in those classrooms. In the video, we are shown how different technological devices help the students to work more efficiently. One student's work performance actually doubled in speed due to the use of a computer.

This technology not only aided the students in completing their work, but it also brought them closer as a class. A student who would have to leave the classroom to do certain assignments is now able to participate with the rest of his class due to technology. I never would have imagined the impact that technology would have in the classroom. This video was is a great example of what technology can do in our lives!

2. An app that could be used in the classroom is the Kindle app. This app would be great for a person who struggles to read the small font in books. A student with this special need was shown in the first video. He explained how the ability to magnify the words helps him to read. Also, students with special needs could benefit from this app by allowing it to read along with them.

3. The changes that are shown on Social Media Count are amazing! This shows the interest that people have in technology. This is a growing field that students need to have a firm foundation in. Students with experience in technology can benefit more educationally and in the work force. As future educators, our goal should be to engage our students in a new type of learning that they are interested in. It is easy to see that technology has taken the attention of this new generation. Therefore, we should embrace it and use it to benefit the educational process.

4. The movie A Vision of Students Today, was absolutely compelling! I enjoyed every minute of it. As a student, I completely believe the actuality of every document displayed. I feel that, as a teacher or a university president, these statements should be taken into consideration. Now that students have spoken, action should be taken. There should be questions asked so that these problems can be improved.

"Technology could be the solution" is shown towards the end of the video. That statement was powerful in saying that this is our way to be successful. We have been given a tool that could change the world. This tool could help students to become enthusiastic about learning.This improvemet could change the education system completely.

Project #5


Saturday, February 11, 2012

C4T#1 summary

For my first C4T post, I left a response on Mr. Mikulski's blog post, Building a Classroom Library. In this post, the instructor discussed different elements of the class library through a survey. I immediately commended Mr. Mikulski on the implementation of the library in his classroom. This idea can change a child's mindset towards reading completely. The instructor does not seem to force his students to read. Instead, it seems as if he motivates them to. The fact that he suggests to them that reading is something that can be done as a leisure activity was a great idea to me!

For my final post on Mr. Mikulski's blog, I commented on his blog post entitled, Anti-Bullying Campaign. This post was extremely inspirational! The instructor allowed his students to fight for a cause that is very important in schools, bullying. The impact that bullying has caused around the world is shocking! Bullying has lead to several teenage deaths in the past years. The students in this class made anti-bullying pledges and displayed them for the world to see! It was lovely to see students standing up for such a worthy cause!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Post #2

Bored Child

1.Did You Know - by John Strange

I watched the Did You Know? video by Mr. Karl Fisch and Mr. Scott McLeod as well as, the video by Dr. Strange. I thoroughly enjoyed the intriguing information presented in both videos! Some of the information was so astonishing to me that I actually showed the video to a friend. It is amazing how quickly technology continues to change. I was a toddler when the first text message was sent out; however, now children a few years older than I was at that age are sending text messages!

Something important that this video showed me was that we can not sit by and be accepting of our lack of proficiency in technological aspects. Instead, we have to conform to learning how useful technology can be in our lives, especially as educators.

2.Mr. Winkle Wakes

Sadly, Mr. Winkle's story is real. The fact that the same methods of teaching have been going on for 100 years is depressing. Especially after watching the previous video that explained how rapidly technology is advancing. There are so many ways to incorporate technology into education, and it is imperative that we begin to implement these tools.

Even though this reality is presented to us in a comedic manner, it is a serious issue that needs to be changed.I think it is very important for future educators to see this video. Hopefully, it can be used as a tool to motivate teachers to think outside the box for ways to get students excited about learning. If this happens,there can be a sequel where Mr. Winkle feels uncomfortable at school too!

3.Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity

Sir Ken Robinson is a great speaker! He is awesome at keeping his audience engaged. In addition to that, he continued to have the crowd roaring with laughter! He spoke on a very important topic that should be addressed more often. I will admit that I feel like a victim to the problem he discussed in our schools with their low tolerance for creativity. I was always taught that one had to do an assignment exactly like the example presented by the teacher. Therefore, my instead of embracing my creativity, I pushed it aside to make a product that my teacher would find identical to the example provided.

Sir Robinson states that,"creativity is as important as literacy." This is a very bold but true statement. Teachers should not try to teach students to make an specific product. Students should be encouraged to express their personalities and emotions through their work.

4.A Vision for 21st Century Learning

The following are the main points of this video: the current teaching methods lack good results, we need to change the way we are educating youth to make it more interesting, and we need to help students focus on retaining information instead of simply cramming it.

I agree with this argument because I feel that it is important for us to find new methods to get children excited about school. If they do not have any enthusiasm towards school, it will show with their attitudes and progress.

5.Vicki Davis: Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts

The things that Ms.Vicki Davis is doing in her classroom is amazing! She is encouraging her students to use different types of technology to learn. The things being implemented in this classroom are the very things that teachers should be striving to do! If you look at the children in her class, they all look eager to learn. As a future educator, that is how I desire my students to feel. These students are becoming familiar with programs I did not learn until I came to college.

Also, the classroom conference that her students participated in is a great idea! If this idea could be incorporated in other classes around the world, the impact would be tremendous. The trends of technology that these students are learning is preparing them for the technology advancements of the future. I commend this teacher for her impact on the advancement of our education system.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Blog Post 1

About Me!
My name is Ashley Modozie. I am a double major in Secondary Education and English. I was born and raised in Montgomery, AL; however, half of my family is from Nigeria. My dad was born in Nigeria, and my mom was born in Alabama. They met in college and lived happily ever after. I want to enter the field of education because I think that God is calling me to work with our youth. I have many years of experience tutoring and doing activities with children. I have always enjoyed it!

I am passionate about giving back to my community. I enjoy cooking because creating new things excite me. I am a very fashionable person that takes pride in the way I present myself. I am known to be a very honest person, and I am always helpful. I chose the University of South Alabama because I fell in love with the campus. I am the type of person that enjoys a good challenge because I think it makes one stronger as an individual.
Modozie Wordle

Time Management
In the video, Dr.Pausch emphasized the fact that we need to avoid stress and procrastination! He also stated, that we should take our time as serious as we take our money. This statement really stood out to me because I know how much money is valued and how much time is wasted. He also suggests asking yourself why one is taking out valuable time to do certain things. However, the point discussed that I felt was most imperative was the importance of planning.

Time Management Lessons and Exercises
The ideas that were helpful to me were the following: concentrate on one thing and avoid wasting time. These ideas were helpful because I always think about everything I have to do instead of just handling one thing. I also waste time by getting distracted with talking on the phone or being on social networks.